In case you have fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing or feel unwell with flu like symptoms or increasing pallor, do not rush to clinic, emergency department or pharmacy but call your doctor or treatment center immediately. Most likely, you will have a regular viral infection but you may have a COVID-19 infection. Remember to mention that you have sickle cell disease and that you are worried about coronavirus. Remember to share your travel history, previous contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient and if the area you live in has COVID-19 disease. They will give you the right advice.

If you have mild disease, it is best you stay at home to avoid catching hospital acquired infections. Isolate yourself well, take all the necessary precautions and keep in close touch with your doctor/treatment center. If you have moderate to severe disease, your doctor will advise you to go to the designated unit where the decision to hospitalize you or not will be made.

If you have close contact with somebody with COVID-19 infection or have traveled to a country with COVID-19 spread or you have any respiratory symptoms, get tested without delay and stay at home until test results are out.

If you have standard health appointments and elective procedures, cancel them, to limit your exposure.