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Unveiling the Sickle Cell In My Language Poster- June 19, 2020
Reducing Stigma through Translation of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) in Different Languages.
The GASCDO’s  Sickle Cell In My Language  poster features what ‘sickle cell disease’ (SCD) is  called in some of the languages of the world.
It is interesting to note that the translation of SCD in most languages may not truly reflect the true meaning of SCD. While some translations are symptomatic, others may be circumstantial in meaning.
For instance,  the Yoruba translation of SCD is- “Arun Arunmolegungun” a disease that hurts the child’s bones- (a symptomatic translation). It is also referred to as “Abiku”- children who come and go”  (a circumstantial translation).
At GASCDO, we hope that this poster will help the global SCD community reflect on  translations of SCD in their languages and work towards addressing the stigmas associated with such translations.
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